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We all carry secrets. Layers, fragments of experience, small marks that define us.  David carries his. They burn at him. Eat away at his soul.

City of London, trading floor, 2008. In a world of cut-throat deals, it takes a unique person to succeed. Single-minded to the point of ruthless, David is this person. But beyond the aura of success lies a secret. There are layers to David... once chipped away, what lies behind the facade?

As David’s climbs the corporate ladder, the past threatens to rise up and engulf him. As he struggles, a woman comes into his life. There have been many, but Vanessa is different - she matters. David's desperate to hold on to her, while she believes in a future for them. But can David keep the secret of his past at bay?

Inspired by the life of city trader and mountaineer David Tait, Sulphur & White is an inspiring story of courage’s triumph over shame.