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AVA is a respected matriarch on a predominantly white Bradford estate. In her fifties and recently widowed, Ava is a devoted mother and teaching assistant who fills her time looking after others and listening to country and folk music, masking the scars left by an abusive ex-husband. ALI is a charismatic son, brother, boss and landlord, an avid music and book lover and moon watcher. In his mid-thirties, Ali is devoted to his family and Asian community in Bradford. Still living with his estranged wife, he hides their separation from his family, painfully continuing the charade of marital domesticity because he still loves her. Both lonely for different reasons, Ava and Ali find each other and sparks fly fierce, despite their own fears about intimacy and expectations of their families and communities.

Imbued with the intricacies of age, class and race, ALI & AVA is a compelling contemporary love story written & directed by BAFTA-nominated Clio Barnard (The Selfish Giant, Dark River).